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a.       Why do I need to create a new login profile?

                     i.      Due to enhanced security measures to better assist you with password recovery, you must create a new user name, password, and complete and submit three security questions.

b.      What do I need in order to create a new login profile?

                     i.      You simply need your 16-digit card number or 12-digit Authorized Redeemer ID for each eligible City National Rewards account. You will also be prompted to input your first and last name, ZIP Code, and provide a valid email address.

c.       What if I have both a 16-digit card number and a 12-digit Authorized Redeemer ID for the same account? Which one do I use?

                     i.      You should use the 12-digit Authorized Redeemer ID created and provided to you in order to establish a new login profile.

d.      What is an Authorized Redeemer ID number and do I need one?

                     i.      An Authorized Redeemer ID number is a 12-digit login credential provided to City National Rewards business clients who have multiple cards issued. The login allows businesses to create a profile to log into the website and redeem awards.

e.      What do I do if I am still having trouble creating a profile and/or logging into the website?

                     i.      You should contact Award Headquarters at 1-800-411-0596.

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